From the cold, hard tundra of Sápmi, in the Barents region of Norway, comes the revolutionary band crew Biru Baby, with their bizarrely unique style and sound. The band echoes the ancient call of the Sami people - an indigenous group of the Barents region - mixed with the next level music of modern civilization, into what has been described as “baffling”, “brilliantly unique”, and “Babymetal on acid”.

The main members of Biru Baby are the sami girls Iki and Hánná, who are occasionally joined by artists such as Hell-G and KT (In Da House) as well as a band crew for their live shows.

A few mind-blowing performances in Norway from 2015 to today has put the band on everybody’s lips. At the Norwegian festival Trondheim Calling 2016, Biru Baby was named the most eccentric performance, and the overall “winners” of the festival by various music magazines.

...This is a group who know who they are, why they do what they do and are just about willing to die to make the audience understand the seriousness. And the game.
— Music journalist Ole Jacob Hoel.